Brand and Media Testimonials

We’ve told you plenty about Press Previews, but what do our exhibitor and media attendees think? Let their testimonials speak for themselves!

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“I’ve been able to make some great connections one on one. I have time to learn about the brands that are here, share a little bit of my story in a really conducive environment.”

Eric Cohen, Co-Founder of Macaroni Kid, Exclusive Sponsor of Holiday Gift Guide 2017

“Because the nature of the event is so relaxed, it allows for better, more in-depth conversations. We can really get down to business and learn exactly what the media are looking for. A lot of good is coming from that.”

Shane Watson, Spokesperson at First Check

“As an on-air contributor, I’m always on the search for great brands and products to make my segments awesome and exciting. Press Previews always has an amazing host of brands that I can collaborate with.”

Shaunya Hartley, On-Air Contributor to Dr. Oz, Good Day NY and more

“I really like how different [Press Previews] is from the other media events. I have a lot longer time to speak with the media and really develop more of the relationship that’s so important.”

Mary Beth Brault, Group Manager at Hamilton Beach Inc.

3x exhibitor

“We’ve done events that have been quality…quantity…I think here we get a nice mix of both. It’s nice to be busy and also get quality appointments all day long.”

Eric Palonen, Marketing Director at Big Mouth, Inc.

2x exhibitor