The Team

Meet the people behind Press Previews.

Karyn Martin – Founder

The politest pit bull you’ll ever meet; I persevere where others fold. With more than 15 years of agency PR experience, the last 7 at Agency 451, I enjoy solving problems, wearing stilettos and creating environments where people do their best work. Founding Press Previews for me was about building a better mouse trap. After years of running the media event circuit with clients I got fed up with the deteriorating quality of press attending the events (it was like a hazing rite for editorial interns to attend) and logistical mismanagement (read: shipping nightmares). Both led to brands and media not getting what they wanted out of the experience—content ideas and coverage. We’re a trusted advisor to our clients and friends with our press; I knew we could deliver both a better experience. Thus, Press Previews was born.

As a partner at Agency 451, I take brands to the next level, creating the strategy and media buzz that helps them achieve their loftiest business goals.

Marie Cacciato – Event Director

With over 15 years of expertise in CPG public relations, particularly in the home, lifestyle and personal wellness categories, I bring leadership, creativity and an uncanny skill for process and organization to the Press Previews team. My relationships with key decision makers at top-tier media outlets are unparalleled and my flair for crafting and pitching meaningful, impactful stories has led to powerful coverage for clients. I’ve successfully organized numerous product launch events, press conferences and trade shows, driving awareness and delivering stellar results for a multitude of diverse brands.

In addition to my role with Press Previews, I currently serve as VP & Managing Director, NYC for Agency 451.

Samantha Cohen – Social Media Strategist

I have an obsession with Instagram and I’m not afraid to post about it. What can I say, I love photography, making things look pretty, and staying on trend at all times. With over four years of experience managing social accounts, I’m perfectly positioned to spread the word about Press Previews to both brands and media attendees. Register for our event and I’ll be sure to show you some love across our platforms. Look for me on the day of…I’ll be the one snapping pictures with my phone.

In addition to my role with Press Previews, I currently serve as an Associate Digital Designer for Agency 451.