Brand and Product Display Tips

So you’ve registered for Press Previews, and you’re wondering how to get ready. A huge component of this is your table display! Continue reading to see our tips on how to show off your products and stand out to the media with an awesome display.

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Create a unique display that speaks for itself: At Press Previews, we’re all about one-on-one conversations, but you need something to entice reporters to come to your tables and get the gist of your products at a glance. Think of your display as a conversation piece.

Highlight practical usage: Are you displaying a blender? Demonstrate its power! Showing a bag? Actually pack it with day-to-day items so reporters can see how it feels on their shoulder. Painting the full picture for media will make them feel better about recommending products to their readers, because they’ve used them IRL.

Take advantage of vertical space: Space is precious. Even though Press Previews won’t be super crowded like other events, we like our small, intimate environment. To stand out and be eye-catching from across the room, don’t forget that height can work in your favor. Pop-up banners and backdrops can easily set you apart.

Facilitate two-way interaction: The more a member of the media interacts with your booth, the more likely your brand will be to make a lasting impression. Tasty samples, hands-on demos, and even photo booths are a great way to make media feel like they’re having fun on the job.

Thoughtful takeaways: You just had an awesome conversation with a reporter and are feeling great about potentially being included in an editorial feature. To extend your impression beyond the event, a thoughtful, unique takeaway can do the trick. Choose something practical and interesting, not just a tchotchke that will get tossed on their way out the door.

Keep it simple: You only have one shot to make a great impression with the media, so be strategic about which products you’re bringing. You don’t want to overwhelm them so they walk away from your table unclear of your message and which products to consider.