We are extremely excited to announce D S Simon Media as our exclusive sponsor for the Press Previews: Holiday Gift Guide event! Our Press Previews team had the opportunity to chat with Eric Wright, executive vice president at D S Simon, to learn more about the firm’s award-winning, strategic video communications services. We are thrilled that Eric and his team will be joining us at this year’s event! Read on to learn more about D S Simon Media and what they do.



How does D S Simon help brands achieve their communication goals?

D S Simon Media helps brands achieve their communication goals with video for journalists and video for social.  Leveraging our strong relationships with the media, we help brand executives become influencers while creating awareness for campaigns and initiatives with broadcast and online media. Using new technologies, we’re able to help brands broadcast live on social media across multiple platforms simultaneously and/or from multiple locations at the same time.  This allows for greater engagement with media and influencers, as content can be broadcast on their channels as well as the brand’s channels.


Can you tell us a little more about the benefits you offer to consumer product brands?

The benefits we offer include enhancing visibility on broadcast and online media for executives, facilitating thought leadership, creating awareness for brand campaigns and product launches, helping brands win the competition for attention at trade shows, and aiding in the celebration of milestone anniversaries.


What type of content and services usually drive the most visibility for brands?

We’ve found that satellite media tour interviews drive an incredible amount of visibility for brands.  Public Service Announcements are also very effective at driving awareness for social causes.  When looking to promote an event, a bites/broll package is effective to get the content out to news stations who cannot attend in person.  When brands are working with influencers, live video for social tied into all the channels of their influencer community can be highly effective at amplifying their message.   When brands are celebrating a milestone anniversary, or addressing key internal and external constituents, a brand documentary can be the tool that drives visibility and engagement with those audiences.

Have you noticed any recent trends with the brands you are working with in regards to sharing their key messages with target audiences?

One trend that’s always remained key in helping brands share their key messages with target audiences is having the ability to localize the data, capitalize on news events, tap into nostalgia, or leverage seasonal tie-ins with regards to earning more broadcast and online media.  As more legacy print media are utilizing video online, the opportunity for visual story-telling continues to grow.  Another under-utilized tool with regards to reaching specific demographic audiences is radio, as the variety of formats of the stations allow for broad or niche audience targeting.  One other trend that we’re finding with regards to success with the media is that through surveys we’ve conducted, we found that 82% of journalists prefer to interview an internal spokesperson for a brand as opposed to a third-party expert. The one area that trumps this is when a brand is working authentically with an A-List celebrity.


What types of products do you have on your personal holiday wish-list?

For my personal holiday wish-list, tech toys and sports fan merchandise will always be towards the top.  Sometimes the best gifts however, are not a tangible item, but an experience, like a vacation, sporting event or concert. As a dad with two young boys, I’d say one of the best gifts would be babysitting services so that my wife and I could enjoy more one-on-one time together.