Living in a digital world, it is important to take advantage of any and all resources that can benefit a PR campaign. Lucky for us, we have so many at our finger tips! There are hundreds of PR resources that can help save time and optimize our efforts, but how can we tell which ones are the best and how they differ from each other? We’ve put together a list of three PR Resources that we find to be the most beneficial and user friendly.

If you are looking for a public relations software that does it all, Cision is the tool for you. For almost any media source you can think of, this tool has the contact you need, thanks to a database of over 1.6 million journalists, influencers and editorial contacts. Cision also has advanced distribution, as well as tracking and analysis features that allow you track coverage, monitor performance and determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

You work hard to get your clients coverage, but it can be a challenge to keep track of it all. Critical Mention does the tracking for you. This media-monitoring tool allows users to quickly search TV, radio, websites and social media across the globe, and records each mention. The tool also makes it easy to clip and share coverage instantly, as well as analyze outlet reach and audience.

The public relations landscape has changed. Blog, video-blog, and social media influencers have gained enormous amounts of traction over traditional outlets, journalists, and reporters. Because of this, it is incredibly important to find the right influencer for your campaign. Julius offers access to over 50,000 influencers who have been researched and vetted for content style, interests, brand work, audience demographics, and news. In a single platform you can view an influencer’s reach and engagement metrics, posts and audience data. Julius also brings clarity to celebrity endorsements by providing consumer perceptions for over 8,000 celebrities across 15 countries.


What other PR resources are you using to take your efforts to the next level? Comment and share with us below!