Are you preparing for your next big event or  trade show?? Your event logistics may be set, but what strategies do you have in place to build momentum before, during, and after the show? Your trade show doesn’t end the moment you break down your booth and it does not begin without a perfect plan for communication. Following are five approaches to trade show success:

1.        Build your trade show strategy

Think about how to leverage media relations while at the show. What news will you be announcing? Will there be an opportunity for interviews? How will you attract media to visit your booth and see your new product collections? Developing a strong social strategy is equally important. Tweeting out tid-bits about your products before the show or creating a Snapchat filter to be used during the event can peak the media’s interest. It is important to make sure that your show strategy aligns with your overall PR, social media, and digital marketing strategy to assure that all communication is correctly translated from your brand, to the media, then directly to the consumer.

2.  Develop a memorable experience for your attendees

Trade shows offer the ultimate opportunity to build relationships, influence prospects, and share industry thought leadership. The overall goal is to accelerate the sales pipeline and drive revenue through experiences that nurture attendees. Any retail buyers and industry professionals that visit your booth should walk away understanding your brand values, mission, and product. This extends to the booth staff – as a representation of the brand’s identity, it is up to the staffers to ensure a positive experience for all attendees. In addition, a clever and useful giveaway that ties into the in-booth experience can go a long way in making a positive, long-lasting impression for anyone that visits your booth.

3.  Have a strategic post-show action plan in place.

Your trade show doesn’t end the moment you start breaking down your booth. Many companies fail at properly following up from their show leads. It’s integral to keep the conversations going with sales leads and extend your trade show messaging into other marketing touch points, such as e-newsletters, social media, and of course, the tried and true personal outreach. The same goes for media contacts – put your PR hat on and follow the best practices for successful follow-up. No matter what, don’t wait more than 48 hours to reach out to hot leads.

4.  Learn from your show experience.

What was the overall reaction of your attendees? Were they receptive to your brand story? Did they walk away from your booth satisfied? Collect and evaluate your attendees’ feedback to hone your overall messaging and storytelling. After all, the customer may actually always be right!

Have we missed anything? What tips do you  have for maximizing your Trade Show experience? Let us know in the comments!