It seems like they come earlier every year: the holidays are right around the corner and digital editors are putting their last-minute touches on their holiday gift guides. While glossy editors start sourcing items as early as July (!) it may not be too late to snag some last-minute coverage in key online media outlets. Here are some must-dos for getting that holiday placement you’re looking for:

  • Think like an editor: Flip or scroll through any holiday gift guide from previous years and you may notice that editors typically group items by the intended recipient. As you type up your pitch, think about your target audience and how that would translate to a trend or category. Be picky about which product you’re pitching. Make sure it’s your most giftable product that would be trending now. This will help editors visualize how your product would fit into their content.
  • Make it easy for them: Editors receive hundreds of gift-guide pitches every day. To lighten their load, anticipate their needs. Follow any publication guidelines and act as a resource for them by sending your pitch with an organized press kit that includes high res images and product fact sheets including links, MSRPs, online availability, and anything else they may ask for. Package everything up in a concise email with a catchy subject line.
  • Know your product and what’s possible: Digital editors working on last-minute guides may be looking for specific items or price points to complete their lists. This means knowing your product inside and out and being prepared to be flexible with pricing in case an editor needs the product to fit into a specific tier. Keep any options for discounts, coupon codes, or giveaways in your back pocket and be prepared to offer them up in follow up to seal the deal.
  • Pitch in person: The best way to stand out in the sea of pitches is to pitch editors in person. This lets them physically interact with your product and fosters a lasting personal connection. There are a few ways to do this, like conducting a desk side media tour or attending a media event like Press Previews with other trendsetters targeted to editors that are hungry for content. Both are great ways to stand out and meet editors where they are.

Stand out from the crowd and create a lasting connection. One gift guide product mention can move the needle for your brand by securing much-needed exposure that translates into real sales. Check out the Press Previews blog for more tips and tricks on getting in front of key media that can make a huge difference in the success of your brand.