Summer is coming to an end and with fall comes back to school season! Getting ready for the school year can be overwhelming, so we have laid out three products that will have your kid looking stylish and help with the hectic and on-the-go mornings that come with going back to school. Keep reading to hear about some products that you need to get your hands on!

Vera Bradley Iconic Backpack

Whether you are off to college or just stepping into middle school, this backpack is the one for you! It can hold your laptop, tablet, phone, and any other electronics you may have in addition to your binders, pencils, and calculators. The Iconic Backpack is armed with plenty of pockets and compartments to make sure all your back to school supplies can be transported safely! The company recently hosted an event where they gave out 25,000 backpacks to students in need across the country. How amazing is that?

Halfpops Popcorn

In addition to their education, it is important to make sure your kids are staying energized and fueled throughout the day to maintain focus! Halfpops has snack-sized popcorn pouches that can be easily thrown into a backpack or lunch box. They are the perfect size to eat on the go on the bus, in class, after school or before track practice! Coming in a wide variety of flavors, your child is bound to find one they love.

Melitta Pour-Overs

Finally, we can’t forget about the parents – back to school products aren’t just for the kids! Mornings will no longer be calm and quiet; back to school means waking up earlier to a ball full of energy that is excited to get to school! Make sure you are starting the day right and are prepared for the day! Melitta has a pour-over coffee that is simple, quick, and will wake you up in no time. Just simply place a filter in the pour over, add your coffee, and add hot water for an instant, fresh cup of morning joe! Gourmet coffee shop coffee in just seconds!


Are there any products you are using this back to school season? Let us know in the comments!