We are extremely excited to announce StatePoint Media as our exclusive sponsor for the Press Previews: Holiday Gift Guide event! Our Press Previews team had the opportunity to chat with StatePoint to learn more about their leading sponsored editorial platform. We are thrilled that they will be joining us at next week’s event! Read on to learn more about StatePoint Media and what they do.



Can you tell us more about the benefits you offer to consumer product brands?

Our goal at StatePoint is to connect national consumer brands with media outlets and online influencers they are not currently targeting. Specifically, we’re able to cost-effectively secure placements in thousands of local media outlets (and with online influencers) that reach a valuable demographic: middle class families and homeowners across the U.S.

The Holidays are a busy promotional time for everyone, so doing a StatePoint campaign can deliver a bunch of baseline media coverage, while in-house or agency teams focus on the national media outlets.

What type of content do you find drives the most visibility and engagement across your platforms?

For a story to be successful, it must follow our “two golden rules”:

  • Have broad appeal.
  • Provide tangible information of value (i.e. not overly promotional).

As long as stories follow these two simple rules, they invariable do well, especially our Holiday stories.

What trends have you noticed with brands you are working with in regards to connecting with their targeted consumer audience?

Measurement and transparency continue to be a priority for us and our clients. It’s important for us to go beyond media placements and impressions. For example, with our editorial placement service we provide “prominence” rankings for every single online placement, so that our clients know if their article appeared on a front page or a major section page or a page several clicks from the front page.

With our Social Amplification service, though we do report social impressions, we’re more focused on moving the needle by getting consumers to act. That’s why we measure and provide minimum guarantees on actual engagements (clicks, likes, shares, comments, etc.). We can be used as a great way to kick start some positive press or influencer marketing campaigns when you don’t have news or if you’re just beginning your PR efforts.

What do you have on your personal holiday wish-list?

Well, we wouldn’t say no if Santa tried to bring us a wine chiller for the office!