Securing coverage in holiday gift guides is one of the most effective ways to put your brand’s giftable products in the spotlight during the holiday shopping season. When you pitch your product is important, but how you pitch it will truly determine whether you are getting your product the media coverage it deserves. Want tips on how to best pitch your products for this holiday season? Keep reading!


  1. Consider media lead times and make sure the timing of your pitch is relevant and cohesive. For instance, magazines with long leads will start collecting ideas and developing content up to six months in advance, whereas broadcast and online media often plan ahead just a few weeks out. We select the date of our Holiday Gift Guide Event to allow members of the media an ample amount of time to be introduced to your product, learn about it, and follow up with any other questions they may have. Plus, being able to put a face to the brand adds a personal touch and will strengthen your media relationships!


  1. Your product must be newsworthy in order to grasp the attention of the media. Create an angle for your product that is relevant, exciting, and is bound to be a hit. Make your pitch engaging, personal, and make the reporter feel important. An exclusive first look at a new product will definitely give you a leg-up when it comes to media coverage.


  1. Be confident and draw the audience into your product and brand story. Highlight the key points of your product and answer these questions: why was it developed, what problems does it solve and what is the impact of its usage? If you can hook the reporter, they can hook their readers; and that will ultimately lead to more coverage for your brand.

Do you have any other helpful tips on how to pitch your giftable product? Let us know in the comments!