Spring is on its way and with that, comes the greenest day of the year; St. Patrick’s Day! Prepare yourself for parties, parades, and pots of gold (if you’re lucky!). St. Patrick’s Day is a time to get festive, dress up, and put on your Irish-Jig dancing shoes. Here are three essential products that are necessary for a successful St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing makes a party or parade rock more than the music! Get your St. Patrick’s Day party going by bringing this green guy around with you. The AMPEDphibian is small enough to hang from your neck, but loud enough to blow your friends away with traditional Irish music. This speaker really packs a punch! Don’t forget to have your friends bring their My Audio Pet for party-pairing mode. That will truly make your St. Patrick’s Day special!

  1.  Big Mouth Inc. St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Hat

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without a little humor? Give your friends a good laugh with Big Mouth Inc.’s St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Hat! In addition to making you the star of the party, this hat can hold two bottles or cans of your drink of choice (Guinness anyone?). And everyone can join in with its washable and reusable built-in straw!

  1.  Hammacher Schlemmer Blender

Whether you are blending up some green margaritas or pureeing pine nuts for pesto party sandwiches, this blender is a St. Patrick’s Day necessity! It can crush 20 ice cubes in the blink of an eye and chop up nuts in just seconds. It’s dishwasher safe and simple to detach, which means you’ll be ready to please the crowd with a new batch of green margaritas in just a moment’s notice.


How are you celebrating your St. Patrick’s Day? Leave comments below!