We’re still riding the high from a smashing Press Previews: Spring Into Summer event last week, and after a brief pause to let our hair down over the long weekend it’s time to get back to work. When you’re buzzing from a day of great conversations with top national media it’s easy to think the hard part is done, but it’s only beginning. Whether you were one of our exhibitors last week or a brand rep who stumbled on our blog looking for follow up tips, it’s never a bad time for a quick refresher on how to turn conversations into coverage after a media event:


  1. Be Timely

Media live in a land of immediate opportunities and urgent deadlines, so waiting too long to follow up can mean the difference between the perfect placement and having your product filed away for future stories. To give you a sense of how quick we’re talking here, our event took place on a Thursday, so you will want to send your initial follow-up no later than the following week. After your initial follow-up, it is important that you understand the target’s publication’s cycle. Do they post daily? Weekly? Monthly? If you spoke about an opportunity four months away, be sure to mark your calendar about two months out to follow up with your media contact again. Another helpful tip is that outlets typically have media kits and editorial calendars on their website; check them out to perfect your timing.


  1. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

If you’ve read our blog before, you’re probably sensing a theme here. Especially in the case of a busy media event, names, faces, and the coverage opportunities that come along with them can blur together. When following up, it’s best to reference something specific about your conversation. Anything that might remind your media target more about you and your brand is a good thing! Get specific, whether brand-related or off-topic. It won’t hurt your follow up.


  1. Keep It Fresh

Your great conversation at Press Previews was only the first step.  Don’t be afraid to offer up new information or angles for a potential story when you follow up. You want to make your brand fit into the target publication and make that connection clear. It’s your job to demonstrate your brand’s value and how you want it to be framed.


  1. Don’t Be a Bug

Finally, and maybe most importantly, don’t bother them! If you find yourself emailing someone repeatedly, it’s time to move on. Media receive emails non-stop and if you’re constantly flooding their inbox, you’re on a one-way train to getting blocked permanently. Plus, if they’re not interested this time around, they may be in the future! If your press contact doesn’t respond as enthusiastically as you’d hoped, consider it an opportunity to foster the relationship until the next opportunity arises.


Now that you have your follow up game plan, let’s get to it! Thanks again to the incredible brands that joined us last week – we hope to see both familiar faces and new ones at our Holiday Gift Guide event on June 21st!