We hear the wedding bells ringing! Oh no, wait… that’s just our alarm clock reminding us that we have a week until Valentine’s Day and we still don’t have a gift for our loved one. Womp, womp, womp. Roses are too cheesy, a box of chocolates is too ordinary and jewelry is way out of our price range. So now what? How do we show our babe just how much they mean to us this February 14? We’ll tell you – get something unique! Something that they actually need, something that will show you thought about it long and hard or something that you can both use!



We can’t argue that beards are in! But, if you’re still begging your honey bear to grow out his facial hair – this Mountaineer Brand Kit might just do it. The Bearded Hunter’s Kit has everything a man might need: beard oil and wash, deodorant, a military style beard brush and a heavy-duty canvas bag for storage. Want your hairy boy to smell like coal or timber? Create your own Care Kit and choose the scents that fit him best. It’s a Valentine’s gift for him, that’s also a treat for you!




If you’re boo is as sentimental as we are, we’re positive she’s going to fall head over heels over this Monogrammed Locket from Marleylilly. The locket is monogrammed free of charge and can hold a small photo inside it. Choose an adorable picture from your first trip together, pop it in the locket and you’re set! Need some extra brownie points with the Miss or Ms. this Valentine’s Day? Hide the locket in a matching Marleylilly Crossbody Bag! There’s nothing better than a surprise within a surprise, if you ask us.


For US

Searching for something that the both of you can enjoy together on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got that, too. If you’re looking to create long-lasting memories with your bae, consider Personalized Glasses from The Grommet. These stemless wine glasses are etched with the latitude and longitude of a special place – we’re thinking the location of your first date, your wedding venue or even the place where you first said, “I Love You” to each other. The glasses are sand-etched (so they leave a clean and crisp finish), dishwasher safe (always a plus) and can hold up to 21 fluid ounces (now that’s a party).



On the other hand, if you’re looking to cherish some of the amazing memories you’ve formed with your sweetie, opt for Customizable Coasters from Personal Creations. The process is simple: upload one to four digital images to their website and they’ll reproduce them onto a set of four beautiful coasters. Get creative with the images and captions by selecting pictures from different seasons, trips or special dates. The coasters are made from tumbled marble and have a protective cork backing – so they will last you as long as your love!



These gift ideas can be enjoyed long after Valentine’s Day has passed. Do you have a gift that your S.O. has loved in the past? Share in the comment section below!