Winter has arrived!


Well, it arrived a few months ago, but we all decided to ignore it anyways – just like we do every season. (And I’m not talking about GOT’s seasons here. Although, their winter does sound a lot more terrifying and we’d surely love to avoid that one.) You see, there’s a slight optimism buried deep inside all of us that hopes this winter won’t be too bad. It won’t chill us to the bone or make our eyes tear as we walk to work. But alas, it has. We (and our wardrobes) are ill-prepared for it once again. Our boots are worn out, the down in our go-to jacket has completely vanished and our scarves are so out of style that we’d rather freeze than wear them.

But, in the season full of short and dark days, cold nights and icy roads, we’re about to bring you something so bright and happy it might just melt your heart. These winter wardrobe essentials are sure to keep you warm and in-style all season long.



Water Resistant Parka

Investing in a new winter jacket can be the key to staying warm! You can layer, layer, layer all you want – but if your jacket isn’t insulated, you might as well be wearing a bathing suit. A good parka will protect you through thick and thin. That means rain, snow and those wind tunnels we just cannot avoid. Sorel’s Caribou™ Parka is not only highly water resistant, it’s also filled with goose down. Can it get any better than that? Actually, yes. Among many other perks, this coat has an adjustable hood with a removable coyote fur trim, internal quilting, and endless amounts of pockets.


Monogramed Blanket Scarf

An extra layer of warmth, especially one that can be wrapped around your entire body, is always an added bonus. But, what’s even better than that – a blanket you can pull off as a scarf or poncho! Let’s get real for one second, who doesn’t want to walk around town or go to work with a blanket on? Get out of bed, wrap yourself with your new Marleylilly Blanket Scarf and head out the door. Done and done. Don’t forget to have your blanket scarf monogrammed with your initials to add an extra zest to your winter outfit.


Trendy Trapper Hat

Okay, so we’ve got our chest and bootie all warmed up and ready for the tundra, but what about our heads and ears? Quality winter hats can be hard to come by. Nothing says, “I hate winter” more than having your ears frozen numb. Get your hipster on with the Original Penguin’s Wooly Check Trapper Hat and keep your head, neck and ears as cozy as ever! Plus, its adjustable chin straps will keep your hat secure even as you brave through the chilling winds, which means you can keep your hands in your pocket and not have to worry about your beanie flying off along with your ego.


Durable Boots

A good pair of winter boots. You know you need them, but you can never seem to find them. Well, we’ve found them! Bogs’ Crandall Wool Boots are 100% waterproof, insulated and made with a DuraFresh bio-technology that’s activated to fight odors. Slip on your new favorite boots and stay comfortable (and dry) all winter long.