We all know that getting strong media coverage for your brand is dependent on a great media list filled with contact information for your target reporters, editors, producers, bloggers and more. Looking for some advice on how to create the best media list for your upcoming product launch, announcement or brand story? See our four must-do’s below!


Know who you’re pitching

Say, for example, your story is about a new recipe made with your brand’s ingredients or products. You’d want to pitch it to food editors and foodies, not, let’s say, a beauty editor. The story your pitching needs to be meaningful to the media contacts on your list. But, don’t just rely on their titles either. Do some research on your media contacts – look at their previous articles and their social media feeds. You’ll learn valuable nuggets about their interests and writing styles that will help your pitch resonate with them!


Hit the big local and national outlets

It’s important to find both local and national contacts to add to your media list. In some instances, you might only focus on one or the other (depending on your story), but it never hurts to have more media contacts than you need! Don’t just target traditional media, remember to add bloggers and social influencers, too.


Look at your competitors

Tracking competitors is a great way to add contacts to your media list. You want to be where your competitors are, don’t you? When adding these media contacts to your document, incorporate notes and links to the articles your competitors were featured in so you can reference them before you pitch.


Keep updating

The media industry has a high turnover rate. People move on to different news outlets or positions all the time. Every month or so, go through your different lists to make sure they are all still accurate. If your media lists are too large to tackle, use tools like Cision and Meltwater to help you keep you up to date.


Do you think we’re missing a media list building tip? Let us know in the comment section below!