October is National Book Month, and it’s time for all the bookworms out there to celebrate! That might involve treating yourself to a new book, renewing your library card, or furnishing a go-to reading nook. Just like books, there seems to be no shortage of products out there for those who love to read. We’ve sorted through them all to come up with four recommendations that every book lover should have. Happy reading!

Chronicle Books Magnetic Bookmarks

These adorable bookmarks not only pay tribute to New York City, the site of Press Previews, but they also only cost $5.99. We know Christmas is still a couple months away, but these would make the best stocking stuffer for the bookworm in your life.

Kobo Heath Lavender Soy Candle

Make reading even more relaxing with a soothing lavender candle made from soy, which burns cleaner than wax. Take comfort in knowing that this candle is made with sustainable ingredients, and keep the earth-friendly trend going by reading an eBook or borrowing from the library instead buying new paper copies.

Just Mustard Really Long Sausage Dog Bookends

Dogs are a…book’s best friend? This dog sure is, keeping your collection standing upright and proud on your shelf. The more books you have, the longer this sausage dog bookend becomes; it’s really quite amazing!

Nambe POP Colours Mugs

Curl up with your favorite tea, coffee, or hot cocoa in one of these classy mugs. They come in a set of four, so you can choose whatever color is fitting your mood – or your read! – at the time. If it’s after 5’oclock and you want to pour a little Bailey’s in your mug, we certainly won’t judge!

Do you have any book recommendations to share? Let us know in the comments!