Sample seeding seems like a simple science: send your product to your favorite editor = the editor instantly realizes what you already know, your product rocks! = product lands in your top target glossy and lives happily ever after in the black.

But, if it were that easy, we publicists would be out of a job. While getting product in-hand is one of the most effective ways to help media understand your product’s key benefits and get an important moment-in-time on their radar, it’s essential to be strategic to ensure your mailer doesn’t wind up in an editorial office’s freebie pile, gathering dust.

For our tips on how to make your media mailer grab that key contact’s attention and inspire killer coverage, read on…


Give the Gift of Experience

Before getting bogged down with bubble wrap and messenger services, take a step back and think about what kind of experience your product or milestone moment evokes. Editors are more likely to resonate with a mailing that connects the dots between your product and an experience that both they and their audience will enjoy.

Think Outside the Box

The entire media mailer development process should be about thinking outside the box, but this time we mean it literally. Just like the subject line of your pitches should be creative enough to capture the media’s attention, so should your packaging. Whether it’s taking cardboard to the next level as an engraved, re-usable wooden case, or delivering your mailer in a hollowed out disco ball, make sure your mailer is creative, relevant to your message, and able to keep your products safe and snug in transit.

Do It for the ‘Gram

As you flesh out and finalize your mailer concept, keep social media in the back of your mind (if it isn’t already). The only thing better than landing amazing media coverage is adding a social media cherry on top, complete with a personalized photo from an influential member of the media with a large following. Stay true to your brand, but be sure everything from your mailer to the packing peanuts are photo-friendly.

Kick It Old School

Don’t forget the basics like a USB press kit, a handwritten note, and a business card. What good is a media mailer if your contacts don’t know who to tell how much they love the product? Not to mention, you want to be sure they have all the product information and collateral they need at their fingertips as they work on related stories.

Get Personal

No matter which direction you take the mailer, make sure to incorporate personal touches wherever possible. Without getting too creepy, check out their social profiles or hearken back to a past conversation with your contact to dig for tidbits that make sense to reflect. Whether it’s sending a mailer in their favorite color, including their kids’ favorite snack, or congratulating them on a recent life milestone in your note, these small touches can make the difference between a mailer that’s tossed aside and one that catapults your product into their pages.