We’ve got good news! We are offering an Early Bird registration rate for brands who sign up for our Spring Into Summer event before November 15! Our event, which falls on February 15, will give you the opportunity to gain coverage from top-tier media outlets during the spring and summer of 2018.

In addition to reaping the benefits that come with exhibiting at our private media event, we’ve got three more reasons to take advantage of the Early Bird rate.

2018 Planning

You’re already planning your 2018 PR and marketing initiatives, so why not lock in your Press Previews attendance as well? A guaranteed spot at our event will help kick-start the new year. Plus, you’ll ensure that your spring and summer products will get a time to shine.

Limited Space

Did you know that we limit exhibitor attendance to 20 brands? We do this to ensure that media outlets and exhibitors have time to hold meaningful conversations. Our slogan is, “Conversations Lead to Coverage,” after all. Space fills up fast, so secure your spot before it’s too late.

Your Event Display

As PR professionals, we know the importance of having a creative and interactive table display. We’re always asking ourselves key questions like, which products will we showcase? How will they be arranged and demonstrated? What signage will we need to create beforehand? By registering for our Spring Into Summer media event now, you grant your brand enough time to asks yourselves those types of questions and develop a table display that will catch the media’s eye. P.S. we’re more than happy to give you some tips to assure your display is media-ready!


What are you waiting for? Get your ticket here before November 15.