Which metrics matter the most in public relations? That is probably one of the most asked questions PR professionals receive. So, we’ve put together our top three most important metrics, along with tools to help you measure them:

1. Sales – Any time you can tie PR hits back to sales, you’ve got the best measurement out there. Whether it’s an email from a retailer to your sales team saying they saw your product in a magazine, or a way you can track coupons to sales that were issued via an online outlet, sales will help your client will truly see the value of PR!

2. Engagement – Every media hit you secure is one you want shared. How do you measure that? There are many ways, but we prefer to use ShareableMetrics. This tool gives you the ability to track everything, from a major media placement to a single influencer post, to deliver the most comprehensive social sharing analytics and insights.

3. Impressions – While this might be the most dubious of PR terms, it’s still one of the most important! How many people are seeing the coverage you secured? That’s a metric you never want to leave out. There are many tools that will give you impressions, but our two favorites are Cision and Critical Mention. Both keep track of the daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly unique visitors to online publications, as well as circulation of print outlets.

Are there other metrics you think are important? We want to hear – comment below!