It’s that time of year again. Pencils are sharpened (or clicked, because does anyone use wood pencils anymore?), new shoes are tied, and lunches are packed. That’s right, it’s time to head back to school. We’re all going to miss summer, but isn’t a new school year full of so much opportunity and excitement? Especially when it comes to school supplies! And we’ve got some recommendations for some back to school essentials that you’re going to want your kids to head into the classroom with this year:

1. Kikkerland Safari Animal Pencil Set

Alright, we know what we just said about pencils, but we’ll go old-fashioned if it means we can doodle with a zebra or essay with an elephant! These adorable guys come with free shipping too, making them a ferocious deal.

2. Mustard’s Marble Pencil Case

Fun pencils call for a fun pencil case! This one has turquoise lining and a fancy golden zipper. When school isn’t in session, throw it in your bag and carry around essentials for the kids like gum, hair ties, and Tide To-Go pens.

3. Joseph Joseph Dot Water Bottle

It’s important to teach your little ones about proper hydration, and this water bottle can help turn it into a fun game. Every time it gets refilled, the lid displays a new dot. Challenge them to get all of them to show up by the end of the school day!

4. Big Mouth’s Frosted Donut Lunch Tote

Finally, it’s okay to bring a donut to school for lunch…if it’s filled with nutritious food, of course! This frosted donut lunch tote is hard-walled and insulated to keep food from getting squashed or spoiling, and unzips all the way around so that it’s easy to open and retrieve baggies, ice packs, and more.

5. Herschel Little America Backpack

There’s an option for even the pickiest kid when it comes to this backpack…it comes in 44 color options! For the high-tech student, a padded laptop sleeve keeps computers, tablets, and more, safe. The bag also contains a headphone port and air mesh back padding. Each Herschel backpack comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so think of it as an investment…and ok, a trendy look too.

Did we miss any of your favorite back to school essentials? Comment and let us know!