Working in Public Relations, it’s important to bring fresh ideas to the table for your clients, especially when pitching a new story. Try these five tips to bring out the best and brightest ideas for your clients.

  1. Bad ideas can be good.

Kicking off your brainstorm with lousy and obvious ideas can be the first step to a successful meeting. Vetting the “silly ideas” lightens the mood and gets everyone talking from the beginning. Take the first 5-10 minutes of your brainstorm to mentally unload the mediocre and make room for new and exciting ideas.

  1. Include an outsider.

When you’ve brainstormed with the same group of people for a while, you can begin recycling ideas you’ve already pitched or become so engrossed in the client that it’s hard to think outside the box. Bring an outsider into your brainstorm to get some “out-there” ideas that your group may be overlooking. You never know what John from the 3rd floor might have to say!

  1. Look for inspiration.

Inspiration can come  in the places we’d least expect: in the shower, running errands, from a billboard on the street. Keep your eyes open for brands that stand out to you and watch what your competitors are doing, using and saying. You never know where you’ll find that unique pitch angle, trend or stand-out idea!

  1. Seek out a change of scenery.

There’s nothing worse for creativity than going back and forth between your desk and conference rooms for meetings all day. If your brainstorm feels like just another meeting on the calendar, step away from the typical conference room. A walking brainstorm, coffee shop meeting or even a gathering around someone’s desk can be the perfect solution to your writer’s block.

  1. Utilize a thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a publicist’s best friend! When you’ve written on behalf of a client for a while, your ideas can start to sound redundant or become filled with overused adjectives. Pick up a thesaurus and find alternate words to inspire a new way to tell or frame your client’s story.

What are some of your favorite creative brainstorming tips? Comment and let us know!