Today is National Lazy Day! We don’t know about you, but we’ve never been more excited to have an excuse to do nothing. But even being lazy takes some preparation, so we’ve collected a list of essentials that will come in handy today or any day you just want to chill out and cross nothing off your to-do list.

1. Yogibo Max

Ready for the ultimate in reclining comfort? The Yogibo Max conforms to its users body and can be used for a multitude of lazy purposes, from sitting to sleeping! It also takes up less than four square feet when stored on its end, making it the perfect bedroom, den, or dorm accessory that won’t crowd your space. The Yogibo Max is available in ten different colors, so don’t worry about it cramping the style of the room where you use it. In fact you can even fill your entire home with Yogibo products; check out some ideas here.

2. Chronicle Books’ Anti-Stress: Meditation Through Coloring

Accomplish something during this year’s National Lazy Day…the accomplishment of de-stressing! Coloring is scientifically proven to engage the mind and improve the mood, and it’s the perfect activity to accompany a good binge-watching session. There are three books in this series, so see if you can make your way through all of them!

3. Li-Lac Chocolates Life Size Chocolate Soccer Ball

This is the definition of lazy…a chocolate-shaped sports ball that’s as big as the real thing! Li-Lac makes these dynamite desserts fresh to order, and seeing as they’re the oldest chocolate house in Manhattan, you can count on a delicious delivery that’s enough for everyone (one ball serves about thirty people). Invite your laziest friends over and dive in; we’d say finishing this is a goooooal!

4. Lands Downunder Ecru Chunky Waffle Throw

There’s no better feeling than settling in with a big, cozy blanket. Lands Downunder’s is pretty enough that it compliments a room, and big enough that you can share it with a partner in laziness (if you can bear to). Ecru isn’t the only color available; this also comes in gray.

What are your favorite essentials for a lazy day? Comment and share with us below!