Good news…registration for the 2018 Press Previews media event on February 15, 2018 is open! Here’s why attending is important for your brand.

Face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to deliver your message to the media. E-mailing back-and-forth and playing phone tag is the worst, isn’t it? Meeting members of the media in person will show off your brand’s true colors and personality.  Attending media events like Press Previews is a great way to get that one-on-one time with those editors you’ve been trying to get in touch with for months. Plus Press Previews is a smaller, more intimate event where brands can have organic conversations with media and, unlike at other events, attendees aren’t forced to commit to spending a certain amount of time with each brand.

Members of the media also recognize familiar faces and names.  Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that you and your brand are recognized by top members of the press. How do you get to that point? By attending a media event like Press Previews, or scheduling one-on-one meetings with editors at their offices (called “desksides”). But scheduling desksides takes time and pre-established connections. Meeting multiple members of the media in one place at a media event is the easiest way to both touch base with old contacts and make new ones. Plus having a personal connection is always better than being a random name, so the next time you send an email to someone you met at Press Previews, they will remember you and click “open” right away!

Media relationships built from intimate conversations are key to securing coverage because they last far beyond the day of an event. The better your relationship with a member of the media is, the more likely they are to remember you next time they’re working on a story that would fit well with your brand. Imagine someone reaching out to YOU to ask if they can include you in a piece, instead of you having to send out a pitch. It’s possible with the help of meaningful conversations that events like Press Previews can produce!

Do you have a story about how an intimate conversation led to press coverage for your brand? Comment and share it with us!