Are you wondering why we’re having a holiday gift guide event in June? If so, then you should learn the difference between long lead media and short lead media! Knowing the difference between the two is key in preparing for Press Previews: Holiday Gift Guide.

Long-lead media typically involves producing content for print outlets, specifically magazines – think Family Circle, SHAPE, Rachael Ray Everyday, etc. Reporters for this type of media look for stories far in advance, thinking about holiday gift guides when we’re planning summer cookouts. Long-lead media write stories between three to six months out, but plan content even further in advance.

Overarching content ideas can be planned up to a year in advance, and are made accessible to everyone through editorial calendars. The calendars provide either a basic outlook on the year, such as this one for Real Simple, or they can be extensive and include detailed plans, such as O Magazine’s. Whether extensive or simple, editorial calendars help outline long-lead deadlines and ideas for brands. Using editorial calendars, and knowing how long-lead media work, provides the opportunity to pitch the appropriate angle and at the appropriate time.

Short-lead media produce stories with short deadlines and newsworthiness in mind. This type of media is generated through various outlets such as daily or weekly newspapers and magazines, blogs, online news sites, and sometimes television and radio. Short-lead deadlines range from being published immediately or six to eight weeks in advance. This type of media can be pitched closer to the deadlines, offering the opportunity to provide up-to-date information, but limiting preparation for reporters to produce the story.

At Press Previews, we understand the importance of knowing the different lead times for media, so we host our events far in advance to help connect brands to the media, right on track with their schedules.  Now that you too know the difference between the varying media types, learn how to prepare for different types of media!