Wondering what exciting brands are coming to Press Previews this time around? With a range of brands at Press Previews from food to technology, BigMouth Inc. has the it-thing that everyone wants on their Instagram this summer: the giant white swan pool float.

Not into birds? BigMouth also has a pineapple float and even a cute giant donut float. Which, by the way, both have matching party beverage floats to hold your cold drink while you float around soaking up the sun.

I mean seriously, how adorably trendy are those? If that isn’t enough to make your mouth water while you’re rocking your summer bod, then grab a slice of pizza (or two), sit back, relax and enjoy on a 5-foot wide pizza beach blanket (just don’t drop that precious slice in the sand).

In addition to pool party products, BigMouth Inc. offers fun birthday gifts, from glasses that can fit an entire bottle of wine to a “grill sergeant” apron that holds all the necessities for a perfect cookout.


So whether you’re looking to party this summer, finally reach 100 likes on Instagram, or want to find the perfect gift that can be put to use during your graduation party, BigMouth Inc. will be there for you at Press Previews to guide you in the right direction.