Prince Day is upon us. In honor of the legend’s birthday, these are the three best gifts that Prince gave the world:

  1. His sheer musical talent

Whether it was a live performance or one of his songs playing on a CD, Prince never failed to impress his audience. The energy, the passion, the love, and the versatility he had for the art was unparalleled.

  1. His fearless personality

Known for speaking his mind and staying true to his beliefs, Prince was a role model for all because of the way he never held back. He made sure his presence was felt by everyone in the room. Further, this fearlessness was reflected in his fashion as well. Whether it was an atypical shade of purple or vibrant pants, he pulled it off effortlessly!

  1. His powerful influence

There really isn’t another artist out there that successfully created a symbol for his name and brand and was able to get all of his followers on board. Fans of all ages have followed him to extremes – further than any other artist.  Prince had a very fruitful career doing so because of the risks he took with his music, embracing surprises and keeping his fans on their toes.  His ideas, arrangements, and visions were always one of a kind.

Prince was a rare artist and will forever be remembered for the impact he made on the music industry.